“I was referred to Polly by a close friend who knew that I needed to be in the hands of a seasoned professional. I quickly realized why she was so highly recommended. Polly went the extra mile for me multiple times and never ceased to amaze me with her ability to stay several steps ahead. Divorce is a devastating process on so many levels and she made sure that not only was my financial health protected but my emotional health as well. She efficiently handled the most delicate and difficult situations for me and my children . My Kids and I will forever be grateful for her support and services during the most challenging season in my life.”

V.A., 2021

“Ms. O’Toole has been an intricate part of some of the most delicate times in my life spanning throughout almost 10 years. The genuine care that has always been meticulously detailed with integrity by Polly and her team is unparalleled. The sense of confidence I have always felt knowing Polly would be standing by my side is invaluable.” 

S.M., 2021

“Thank you so much for all of your expertise and guidance through the divorce. I have run the gamut of emotions during this process, but feel so much relief and happiness and I’m looking forward to my future!! “  M.Z, 2021

“My clients were very pleased with the result of the [of the hearing] and extremely pleased with your efforts and skill…thanks for taking such good care of my client and my friends.” 

P.A. 2020

“You were wonderful and we are so thankful for you!  We are very happy with the outcome.”

A.L.., May 2019

“Under the circumstances, I felt extremely safe and protected with Polly and team.”

V.B., March 2018

“Thank you so much…Your insight was 100% spot on, and your gracious demeanor was so comforting.  Truly, you are amazing!” 

K.G. 2018

“I want to thank you very much for your help.  Every time I talk about my experience with people during this divorce, one of the key highlights has been your firm’s help.  I have been quite impressed and if/when someone needs the type of services you provide, I certainly will mention your name.  It’s worth it!”

M.G. 2018    

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